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Вакансия за рубежом: Преподаватель английского, итальянского или испанского языка - Работа в других странах

Преподаватель английского, итальянского или испанского языка
З/п: 1000-1500 Euro
свыше 15000 грн.
Пол: женский
Возраст: 22-33
Написать автору
Hong Li
Описание вакансии: 01. Art teacher (piano, dance, fine art, music and performance, host)
02. Foreign affairs
responsible for contacting with domestic institutes of higher learning, translating and sorting out material of school, applying for multinational cooperation of establishing school with institute of higher learning from China Education Ministry, translating the relevant inspection formalities of the cooperating president and other persons in charge who want to go to Europe to inspect; foreign representatives can enjoy the free group trip to foreign countries.

03. Language teacher (English, Spanish, Italian)female
1. Teaching English/Spanish/Italian A1-A2 to students(different ages) according to the textbook and your own materials 20 periods a week(45 min. per period). Be in charge of lessons curriculum and planning.
2. Supervising test and exams and giving level tests.
3. Counseling students
4.Completing other tasks assigned by the Education Department and the school in your working hours
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